For membership questions contact Jessica Sutton

Dear District 8 Member:


First  log into your membership portal on the NHSRA website at If you don't have an account yet then you will need to create an account. 


Print out the NHSRA Form, print and sign 

Print out the Minors Release form and take to a notary.  All signatures, including the minor must be notarized.  If one guardian or parent has full custody or is deceased, please make note on appropriate signature line.

Print out the California form sign and take to your current school to be signed and stamped by the school’s Registrar or Principal. Business cards will not be accepted in lieu of school stamps/seals. 

Print out the Associate membership form ($20 per adult helper) - If a parent, coach, anyone over the age of 12 plan on helping in any capacity, ride horses during the rodeo, open gates, etc. you must have a Associate Membership.  During the rodeo while you are helping you must be in dress code.  

Print out the CHSRA grading form and take to your school.  If you can print out an official grading calendar off of your school website this will work as well. *If you change schools at anytime during the rodeo season you must notify your membership secretary and supply a new grading form/schedule*

Print out W-9, complete and sign

Please upload the following documents to your National portal with this naming convention and in this order to help the process of your membership go faster: 

2019.20 California Membership Form
2019.20 NHSRA Membership Form
2019.20 California Associate Member Form
2019.20 Grade Report - Most Current Official Report Card - If your signing up at the beginning of the rodeo season, please upload your end of last year report card.  If you can’t find the end of last years report card, you can always request an offical transcript from your school.
2019.20 Grade Verification Report or Official Report Card Calendar
2019.20 W-9 
2019.20 Birth Certificate Rookie Year

2019.20 Concussion Release Form

2019.20 Social Media Release Form 

2019.20 NHSRA Minors Release Form 

**EVERY form needs to be uploaded to your NHSRA portal and you will no longer mail anything to the Rodeo Membership Secretary. 


** You must pay your Membership Fees & Associate Member Fees either Via Paypal at  or send a check to the Rodeo Membership Secretary- Jesse Sutton, 12019 Humboldt Ave Chino, CA 91710